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Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Helping young people

JAM means Jacareí Assists or Protects Young People. This private institution was founded in Jacareí (SP) in 1969 and legally acts as a NGO, receiving financial contributions from the government, private companies and other contributors.

Its mission is to support and assist people with learning difficulties from a low socio and economic background whose parents struggle to make ends meet. They deal mainly with children and young people, promoting their integration in social and working life, developing their skills and capabilities by special teaching and training.

Professional training for these young people with learning difficulties offers a variety of practical job experience, developing their skills for future integration in real jobs, attaining personal satisfaction and if possible, economic independence. JAM also offers them social assistance, medical care, sports and social activities.

Additionally, JAM also takes care of 260 young people aged between 16 and 18 from a low socio and economic background. JAM has initiated a special programme that places these young people with various companies in the region where they are employed as office support. Furthermore, JAM organizes extra classes for them on Saturdays. The aim is to give these young people a different outlook on life and to provide a new set of skills for future jobs.

Our work with the organization Our cooperation with JAM started many years ago when we employed the first group of young people as office support. The cooperation is still going strong today; at the moment, we have eight young people working for us as part of the program.

A couple of years ago, we decided to try and see if we could extend our cooperation with JAM. As an experiment, we moved the packaging of some of our products, mainly tapes and shirt collars, to one of JAM’s workshops. The results for both sides were good so we decided to move our collar welding production as well. Later we moved some of our production from the filter division: packaging for the aftermarket, mounting of plastic pieces on simple models, and cutting of air filters for kitchen extractors. This was just as successful and the commitment and enthusiasm of JAM’s young people was amazing.